Practical Embedded
Welcome to Practical Embedded, your location for practical embedded computing solutions!

What do we mean by Practical Embedded?

Embedded systems are finding their way into many consumer products, from children's toys, to energy
efficient electronic thermostats.  Embedded systems generally describe the hardware and software found in
these consumer devices.  They are essentially mini-computers; just miniature versions of the one you're
using right now!  It might surprise you to know the electronics in these devices are very cheap.  So why are
devices with embedded electronic controllers so much more expensive than their analog counterparts?  Take
as an example, a washing machine with electronic temperature control costing much more than one with the
old fashioned dial.  Part of the reason is recovery of development costs, but mostly it's just about profiting
from product differentiation.  At Practical Embedded, we can deliver low-cost, practical embedded computing
solutions straight to consumers without costly development costs and marketing overhead.

What is our mission at Practical Embedded?

What practical uses might you have for an embedded system?

This is not something the average person might think about.  We need to change our expectations, and
demand products that do more for us and cost less!  How many remotes do you require to operate your
entertainment center because the universal remotes are too expensive and too complicated?  Why does a
standard light timer like the one you use on your holiday lights require several minutes to set up and needs
to be reset every time the power goes out?  There are many more examples.  Large corporations don't
develop these products because their overhead is too high, and they can't make enough profit to justify the
development costs.  At Practical Embedded, we can develop these products, sell them to consumers directly,
and make a profit!

Do you have an idea for an embedded solution?

Maybe you have an idea for an embedded solution but don't have the time or expertise to implement one?  
Hobbyists, from seamstresses (think sewing machine) to model builders (think railroad switching), almost
always have an idea for how an embedded system might help them.  If so, tab on over to our contacts page
and send us a note!  Practical Embedded is of course working on designs right now - more details to come!
Develop and market inexpensive embedded solutions that solve practical problems
Provide professional embedded computing services to consumers
Educate consumers on the benefits and costs to develop embedded systems